Friday, July 20, 2007

My cheating heart

Dear Boogie, I'm sorry. Love, Sqrl.


I went to Woolbearer's in late June and came home with 13 oz of mohair/border Leicester blend in delicious Azure and Cerulean blues. And you thought it was just turquoise...

blue fluff variation

This shot really shows off the color changes. Those color changes made for some fun spinning, too.

not a knot

Singles on the bobbin--the colors are much more apparent.

blue fluff on the radio

Plied... As of this morning, I was up to about 350+ yards, plied. It's mostly worsted with occasional freak-outs into semi-bulky.

I say freak-outs because this fiber behaves a little like a three-year-old. The batts haven't been thoroughly somethinged--whether that's carded, processed, washed, whatever... There've been a few snags that even diligent pre-drafting can't undo without damaging the staple. There's also a lot of non-fiber shedding--little pieces of the farm and some brittle black flecks seem to collect on my treadles. The yarn so far has not been dunked, so I do expect it to soften up some post-dunk and -thwack. If it doesn't chill out, though, it will make for great felting!

I bought a bunch of other fiber-y things at Woolbearers, including an ounce of rayon (to try), and some pencil roving (burgundy heathers!). I forget what I'd had in my arms before spying this sack of blue delight--I only remember quickly dropping what I had and laying claim to the bag. I'm spinning it in hopes of making something for dear old mom. She gets to see the yarn so far next weekend (you know, before we head out to Wicked).

Bonus: my second attempt at Navajo plying!

strawberryfields navajo

Yes, I match my pajama pants to my yarn du jour. Who doesn't?

strawberryfields navajo closer 2

A close-up of the plies. This fiber came last month... wait, that would be the month before last... as part of the FOTM Club. 4 oz of corriedale, Strawberry Fields. Not perfectly done, but much-improved over my first attempt at Navajo plying!

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