Monday, July 09, 2007

Much madness!

The Phillyfiberists group is having a dye-your-own day in a couple of weeks and not wanting to be left out, I just bought some undyed yarn. I got two hanks of the merino wool lace weight--at 880 yards each, that's a lotta yarn--from Not sure what I want to do with these color-wise: do I do each the same? Do I try to stripe one, kettle-dye the other? Do I really need 1760 yards of lace weight? Probably not.... I'm already imagining one of the finished hanks as a gift to someone. Maybe.

I also got a hank of the superwash merino/nylon/donegal and merino/nylon in fingering weight. LIKE I NEED MORE SOCK YARN. Still, this is less about the yarn and more about the dye. Then, once the dye has dried--then it will be about the sock yarn. I'm really interested to see how the donegal dyes up--I'll definitely do that hank a semi-solid color.

To round out my Knitpicks order, I threw in some circs (two sets of 16" 2s, one set of 32" 2s--to try out the Magic Loop), and Interweave's Favorite Socks--since I don't have most of the patterns already, it'll nicely round out my pattern stash.

I've been spinning (though not the angora *pets*), but I've also been plowing through another sock... BIG SURPRISE. I'm working on RPM from Knitty, for Mike. I'm using well-marinated stash yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy #807, purchased way back in January '05. I bought it in a fit of check-out angst, feeling somewhat sheepish (HA!) with my paltry purchase of Brittany dpns (though, really, not paltry--Brittany dpns remain my favorite). I clearly remember turning to Mike and asking, "Would you like socks out of this?" I think I'd managed to knit *a* pair of socks the month before... Anyway. RPM. Short-row heels. My first successful attempt. Well--partially successful. I'll post about that later--I need to take some photos of the issues first.

Please, dear knitters, tell me how to get re-motivated to finish my Wicked sweater. I've only got a couple more weeks....

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