Sunday, July 08, 2007


I can't sleep. So, I've been surfing various spinning sites. Man... if I wasn't content to stay up here on the 2nd floor, I'd go downstairs and spin about 1,000 different things. Perhaps I'd start with the angora I picked up today--at the Kutztown Festival! The lovely ONE OUNCE (which I spent the last half of the Fest petting at random and then forcing my husband and mother to pet on the way home) is courtesy of Winston, a creamy, fluffy bunny. I think I might take the fluff to Dye Your Own Fiber day in two weeks...

So, mom came up this morning and she commented on the amount of handspun yarn I have. Honestly, people, I don't know where all this handspun yarn came from! Apparently I've developed an addiction to spinning. It's such that I don't remember when I've spun or what I've spun. It's so bad that the wheel I borrowed from Miss Purlewe--the one that is still sitting in my house and was just collecting dust--got some action this week because all of my Fricke bobbins were full.

Anyway, here are some completely randoms:

For the I-don't-know-how-many-times time, I've stopped biting my nails. I think it took about 6 weeks worth of chewing on them to the quick before I smacked myself upside the head.

The cat has literally humped the stuffing out of his humpie sock. Is it wrong that I knit him this sock? Is it even more wrong that I'm considering either a) darning the current one, or b) knitting a new one?

I practiced piano yesterday for the first time in, like, months. I was even able to sight-read some music.

I've been biking in a higher gear and I've shaved some minutes off my commute. This is both good and insane. Good for obvious reasons, insane because I shouldn't be passing traffic unless traffic is stopped or slowed...

I had a birthday!

I bought two new-to-me antique cameras today, bringing the total antique camera count to 5 (I think). If we include digital, polaroid, and film... I think we'd have a total of 12 or more cameras.

Somehow, I've managed to grow a Lush stash. Don't ask me--I just live here.

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