Friday, June 22, 2007

And the living's easy

Most people cringe when they get a summons for jury duty--but not me. The last time I was summoned, I was still working for Temple U. During my one day of service that time, I managed to finish a cross-stitch project (who knew that post-9/11, you'd be able to take scissors, pins, and needles into the courthouse?). This time, I read exactly 300 pages (The Slow Moon) and knit up to the last 10 rows on my second Jaywalker. Yes, my friends, I am nearly finished the second Jaywalker. Just in time to pick up Wicked again...

Those of you that've not had the pleasure of sitting and waiting in the various rooms at 1301 Filbert, let me tell you why it's so not cringe-worthy. First, the people in charge, or the hosts, have snacks for you in the morning. Yesterday, there was apple cake and banana bread, as well as fruit, and coffee. Yeah, I can't eat the breads and cakes, but that's not the point. I had an apple and was pretty satisfied with it.

Second, jurors have the option of having lunch at Reading Terminal Market. I opted for the Thai stall (chicken basil, please), but not until after I walked up and down each aisle taking in all the sights and smells. The people watching here is amazing--you've got your locals, suburban suits, and tourists. And while normally I have no patience for tourists (I worked for some time right near Independence Hall. Oi, the tourists down there!), the little old ladies strolling with their maps and matching hats were kind of endearing. They may have become annoying if I'd actually been trying to shop or get somewhere, but I was eating.

My favorite part about jury duty isn't really related to jury duty so much--actually, I could say this is my favorite part about needing to go downtown: I get to walk through a bustling City Hall. My favorite image of City Hall comes from the Williams collection, now housed at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia:

You can actually see the exhibition online.

Better than City Hall, snacks, and RTM, I was excused from jury duty in the early afternoon. With my husband back home (having had a blast in Arkansas), I knew I had to get something for dinner, so it was back over to the Market to get some fresh local meat and veggies. I got 2.5 pounds of chicken breasts ($12), some fancy cheese that I'm taking with me to Jody's on Sunday, and a whole mess of produce:
5 limes
1 orange bell pepper
1lb NJ tomatoes
pint of blueberries
pint of strawberries
bag of baby carrots
1 very ripe avocado
1 yellow tomato
2 poblano peppers
10 tomatillos
1 bunch green leaf lettuce
3 ears of sweet corn
6 Idaho potatoes
4 cucumbers

Total bill (with my juror discount): $20.65 How can you not love that?

Dinner ended up being lime-marinated chicken with verde sauce (1 poblano, 10 tomatillos, garlic; grill until blackened, chop in a food processor, taste, and serve), grilled COTC, and salad.

Anyway, you know it's probably a bad sign if your (meaning, my) mother updates her blog more often than you (meaning, I) do....

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Christy said...

I got a summons for mid-July. I'm not dreading it at all. I think it's not a bad gig. The last time, though, I did get selected as an alternate for a 3 day trial. Interesting but an awful lot of waiting.