Friday, May 18, 2007

On the phone

Me: I remember where the silk is!
Mike: Oh? Good...
Me: Yeah, it's in the food scale.
Mike: What?
Me: The food scale... because I was measuring out two ounces of it.
Mike: Oh....
Me: Yeah, I remembered because here I am on the bus thinking I need to split the corriedale I'm spinning into two equal portions so when it comes time to ply, I've got some control over that, so I was thinking when I got home tonight I'd try to estimate based on total ounces what would be half and then I'd need to pull down the food scale and HEY, THAT'S WHERE I LEFT THE TUSSAH SILK SINCE I'D PROMISED MYSELF I WOULDN'T FORGET THAT LOCATION.

Last night, after everyone left and we had the place to ourselves, I was ready to spin the rest of my silk. Except, I couldn't find it. So, every commercial, every bathroom break, every drink refill, every unoccupied second was spent trying to find the fiber. I was certain I'd lost my mind. And while I may still be crazy, I at least now know where my silk is.


naomi said...

Hahahaha! (I have totally done that. But not with silk.)

Amy Boogie said...

haha - I do this all the time. And with fibers or yarns.

purlewe said...

hahaha. O yes I have done that. I spent last ntie looking for some books I know I hadn't moved. Every break, every chance I could.. only to find that SUE had moved them. HAHA glad you found it.