Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here she is, Miss Wheel-merica!

I went to La Boog with the intention of leaving with a Louet. So, what the FRICKE happened?

It was love at first twist...

Delta orifice. Sounds like an erotica title. PORN!

viva la spinning
If you know me at all, you are not surprised that my wheel has been personalized with a squirrel wearing a helmet and holding a grenade (or a nut...).

I like the Fricke. It has 5 gear ratios to Louet's 3 (which, dumbly enough, I didn't even realize until I was playing with Mr. Fricke and one of the fiber-lushes showed me how to change the speed. Color me retarded.). I tried the single treadle, but I do like the control a double treadle offers. The price was perfect--well within my budget (I had plenty of money left for fiber purchases). I didn't want to go above $500 on my first wheel for several reasons, though the two biggest ones were: I don't identify primarily as a spinner and I didn't want to invest in a wheel that may end up not getting used.

Of course, I can count on one hand the number of days I haven't spun since bringing the wheel home, so the second consideration was for naught... Still, the budgeted amount was a good guide, and I'm really happy with the Fricke.

There are, of course, some things that bug me a little bit. Some of them I can work with or learn to use to my advantage. Others may end up being advantages once I gain more spinning experience. One of the things that will improve with wheel adjustments: the band slips from ratio to ratio. This is nothing a stiff drink and some time spent on the deck with the wheel can't fix. For now, though, it makes me say, "FUCK" when the little bugger slips to a faster speed. I don't know if I'm explaining this thoroughly enough, but it's clear as mud in my head. Something that might improve with experience--holding the bobbin in one position when stopped. With the Louet I learned on, I got down the technique of freezing my feet on the pedals and keeping things from spinning while I drafted the next section. This kept the lead from twisting up on itself or around the bobbin.

I've been ploughing through my available fiber--check out the Spinning Set on Flickr!

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