Monday, April 09, 2007

I've been working on the railroad

On the train ride down to Marcus Hook yesterday morning (and what better way to spend a Sunday morning than riding the rails through the less desirable locales?), I swatched and started my next knitting project, the Nashua Cilantro Tank with Peplum, or, the Wicked Sweater. By the time I was ready for bed last night, I was well through the lace pattern and onto the rows and rows of stockinette with shaping:

Cilantro tank--hem
Not bad for a bunch of train-knittin'!

Thoughts on the yarn and pattern so far:
  • The yarn doesn't like to be frogged. I swatched, made notes, double-checked my swatch, then frogged. I know, I know--I should have washed the swatch, too. But I'm terrible with swatching. I've never kept a swatch. I've never bound-off a swatch. I've always frogged my swatches. I'm a yarn-thrift. The yarn, 70% cotton, tends to unply some when frogged. Not unworkable, but noticeable--at least while working. Once knit up, you can't tell the difference.
  • The yarn has a degree of stretch to it that I hadn't expected. I spent some time sproinging it as I knit on the train. I'm trying to not knit it with too much tension because then I'm afraid the yarn will lose some of its sproing, or even worse, the garment will look wonky.
  • All that considered, the yarn is pretty damn nice to work with. It knits fast (then again, what doesn't when compared to socks) (and, also, I'm using the Denise trick of having my left needle smaller than my right needle).
  • The lace pattern doesn't seem to be blocked in the booklet. Or, it was blocked but because the yarn's so sproingy, the laciness got lost. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet and could go either way: either it's a neat little secret splash of lace, or I wasted valuable counting and stitching on something that won't be noticed.
  • I modified the decreases thus reducing the peplum--the initial measurements would have resulted in almost a skirt-like effect (some 8-10 inches wider than the waist; the decrease round following the lace hem was knit 2, knit 2tog, repeat all around. That's some serious decreasing!!!). I figure I don't need too much more emphasis on my hips and butts and that this modification will result in a more graceful silouette. We'll know soon enough...
I'm now ready to begin the ribcage/bust increases, aka the part I hate because it involves remembering to increase evenly and I tend to fall ill with knitter's ADD whenever this type of prolonged, staggered counting is involved. I shall soldier on, though!

Before catching the last train of the morning out of East Falls yesterday, I spent some time finishing my grandmother's Christmas gift (yes, I said Christmas):

Tea cups for the seasons

Mostly, I'm happy with the finished project--because it's done!!! There were too many color changes, as I've noted in previous entries, as well as a number of other peevish aspects to this kit.

Next up for cross-stitching: finish the Drawn Thread piece I'm making for my mom. But first: Celebration of Needlework in NASHUA, NH (yes, I deliberately started knitting with a Nashua yarn because I'm going to Nashua. I don't understand myself, either). Free lodging (at sister's)! Day-trip to Boston (for shopping)! Complete and utter avoidance of NYC on the drive both up and back!


PURLEWE said...

I wish I could wear that color green. It makes me happy and feel springy when it isn't so springy outside. Enjoy knitting and your cross stitch.

Magdalena said...

Keep up the good work.