Friday, April 27, 2007

Ding dong the witch is dead

The good news is, I knit and blocked Wicked in less than three weeks. The bad news is I allowed my bad habits to take over as I coasted through the body and towards the end... The shoulders are too wide, the armholes are a smidge too tight, and the body.... Well, another inch wouldn't hurt. What I need to do, perhaps, is start knitting sweaters but using a provisional cast-on so that I could easily rectify the short-body syndrome.

I'm at Ella's right now. She's packing, I'm itching (cats! dog!). We're going to run errands and eat and get booze and GO TO MAINE.

I'll post pictures, any solutions to the dead witch problem, and more when I return next week.

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naomi said...

Why not knit top-down?