Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bad sleeve juju

(Apologies to Gilmore Girls...)

My last post had beautiful pictures of wonderfully picked up stitches around the armhole of my current Wicked in Progress (WIP). Since the pattern I'm working with is for a tank sweater, I'm knitting over the edge here and finding myself in uncharted territory (LITERALLY). But, I've been game, and didn't mind that my first attempt at a top-down sleeve was a horrid failure. And while I'm not exactly calling the second sleeve attempt (still the first sleeve, just the second have at it) a failure just yet, I think I've got some froggin' in my near future.

sleeve short rows
(Click to make big)


And, finally, the real reason I might need to go bottom-up (if not also bottom's up):
sleeve hem #1
The lace doesn't behave the same way going down as it does going up (stopping here to make a dirty joke to audience at home). It would be possible for me to block the sweater so that the lace does start to resemble that of the body, but that would require some serious fucking blocking--we're talking possibly stretching the yarn beyond its comfort level.

So, it looks like I'm going for attempt #3 on sleeve #1. I'm leaving the top-down sleeve in place for now and am going to compare it with the more common bottom-up sleeve to see which I prefer. I'm pretty sure, though, that attempt #3 is the charm and the real reason I'm not yet frogging the second top-down sleeve is pure laziness.

Completely unrelated: on Monday, not even a week ago, I walked out to work in a sloppy inch or so of slushy snow. Now, it wasn't covering everything (save for where my feet needed to go in order to make forward progress), but it was strange enough to make note of the snow. YESTERDAY, I sat out on my deck, in shorts, and spun a few ounces of unidentified fiber offerings (UFO?) and got my first sunburn of the year. What the hell is up with that?

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