Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marking time

There's so much I need to write but now's not the time. Instead, here's a list of what can be expected in the next few posts:
  • spinning
  • Guild
  • trip to Maine (upcoming)
  • trip to Mass (upcoming)
  • socks
  • cross-stitch

But all that must wait because I've got an injured husband to tend to. He hurt his back on Tuesday and the pain was intense enough that Wednesday morning, he asked me to take him to the doctor. The doctor was booked for the day, so we ended up spending the bulk of Wednesday in the ER. Today will be more drugs and doctors, though given that Mr. Sparksalot could get out of bed without me lifting him this morning, I think we're on our way.

1 comment:

Amy Boogie said...

I hope Mr Sparky is better soon.