Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wool you be my Valentine?

Dear Jaywalker: YOU ARE MINE.

Attempt Number 5, Sock Number 1 (and yes, I shaved my legs for this. Bonus that I've now got smooth legs for V-Day, eh?):


Here's a shot that shows off the colors of the Soxie a bit better:


Now, I just need to take a break from knitting that specific sock... Seriously, with as many attempts at that sock as I had (5, with the fifth working FINAL-fucking-LY), I just need to sort of have a course of mental sorbet. That, and I need something ... larger.

Cue the beginnings of the raglan turtleneck. On US11s (I'm finally using my Christmas Denises!!!), it's knitting up in a flash. Since it's bulky, I don't want it to be overwhelmed with cables, so I'm doing a 2 stitch cable. For the neck, at least, this looks pretty nice! I've already changed my mind about doing cables along the seams (or, where the seams would be) since I think the sweater will ultimately benefit from less bulk where possible. No pictures yet, but hopefully before Lost comes on tonight, I can take a progress shot.

Hopefully I will have made substantial progress by the time Jody and I hang out in a couple of weekends. AND, maybe I'll even be able to WEAR this new-fangled raglan when my parents treat us to King Tut (and we then treat them to drinks and dinner/lunch) in March!!!

Lastly, it's Megan's favorite and pretty much sums up the reaction Philadelphians are having to this montrous snow storm:

Crazy cat

Yup. That's my crazy-ass cat...

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Amy Boogie said...

Hey sexy legs! Nice socks.
Good luck with the raglan.