Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Top-down raglan sweater

Also known as: Who knew it could be so easy?

Raglan - flat

The neck was cast on haphazardly, making sure only that the ribbing met up in pattern (I've ribbed a number of things only to discover that there's some sort of miscommunication between the knits and the purls, resulting in, say, a 2x2 ribbing that suddenly has a 4-stitch section... Please tell me at least half of you understand what I'm saying!). When I threw in the alternating 1x1 cables, I realized I was missing about half a pattern repeat.
I'll blame it on the (freezing) rain.


It's definitely warm and snuggly...


I tried to delude myself that the color discrepancies were the result of a combination of lighting and white balance. But...

Progress on the raglan

At least this one fits! Though, I will definitely have to modify the sleeves more than I expected--the armholes are almost droopingly too big.

sideview - shaping

Here you can see the decreases along the "seam" as well as my ill-concealed bust shaping. One side ALWAYS comes out better than the other, damn it! Is it TMI if I tell you this shot would have been greatly improved had I taken the time to put on a bra? Well then.

frontal shot

Here's a clear shot of what Mike's calling the muted Charlie Brown stripe. He said it LOOKS like it's supposed to be that way, but of course, he's not a knitter and he wants to have a sex romp. I say, "How can anyone have a sex romp knowing that they've knit a sweater using kettle-dyed yarn and NOT alternating balls?" He said the mere mention of balls was sex romp-ish enough for him.

Those last few shots were from this morning. I have to say, of all the sweaters I've knit (and unknit), this one is by far the most comfortable. My only complaint about the Malabrigo (and no, it's not subtle color differences--that's kinda growing on me) is that the yarn sheds a lot. It's not so much pilling as there're just bits of fluff that work their way out of the ply. Maybe that's because it's single-ply, maybe that's because the wool is particularly cloud nine amazingly soft, or maybe that's because I frogged it (and didn't rinse, thwack, and dry).

For a few other shots, check out this link.


jody said...

oh wow it fits great! i can't wait to see it this weekend.

Amy Boogie said...

I think it looks good, stripe and all. Those pilly fluffy things are weird but I've gotten those even if it wasn't frogged and reknit, it's the curse of the single ply.

purlewe said...

LOVE it. looks great on you and is the perfect color.