Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Raging Raglans

I've spent more time than I should admit these past couple of days looking at raglan sweaters online. I know I shouldn't be planning my next sweater, but!

Since yesterday, I've decided that I'd like to have some cabling in this sweater-to-be. I don't want the cabling to interfere with the simplicity of the sweater, though, so I really need to plan this out, do some sketches, and try to work out as much of the pattern in advance as possible.

Here's what I'm thinking:
  • Turtleneck: do cabling on both the right and wrong sides so that it's 100% reversible/turn-down-able. Or, knit the cuffed-over part of the neck (the part that is covered by the turned down neck) at a slightly tighter rib, which would mean casting-on for the one-sided cable portion at a proportionately higher number of stitches and then decreasing to make for a tighter ribbing. I think this might solve the problem I run into with turtlenecks that lose some of their vertical structure, but I could be wrong...
  • Raglan seams: cables along both sides of the seams--the shoulder and the chest. Where these cables meet at the armhole, have the cables than merge into one and continue down the side of the body and the length of the arm. I've seen cables on seams in a couple of patterns; I want to go a step more with the cable merge.
  • Cuff: on the sleeves, cables from mid-forearm down.
  • Hem: not sure if I want to do some sort of cabling or if I want to have a roll hem or if I want something that looks a bit more finished....
  • Sleeves: maybe have a single cable on the outside from neck to cuff, though with cables on the neck and at the cuff and elsewhere, this may be overkill.
  • Body: centered cabled motif front and back; empire-waisted cables; or cables and ribbing alternating (I've seen this on some sweaters in person lately and I'm not sure if I like it or not...).

Any advice, suggestions, or warnings about my ideas for a top-down raglan turtleneck with cables?

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