Thursday, January 18, 2007

Needle-ful things

Since I'll be sorta downtown today, I'm going to swing by Rosie's on my lunch hour to get some US1 circs. For those that care, I do not have these needles in my stash already--I have loads of US0 and 00 circs, but no 1s!

The socks I'm working on US1 dpns are progressing slowly and I think there're two reasons for that, both of which are directly related to the needles. One, I'm afraid I'm going to break these fat, oversized toothpicks (you might know them more commonly as Clover bamboo), so I'm deliberately going slower. Two, the size stamp is rather rough and actually prevents the stitches from slidely smoothly across the needle. I tried knitting looser (especially on the K all rounds), but the stitches still got hung up at the same spot. And it's not just one needle that has a rough spot--all 5 of them do!

I suppose I could lightly sand the rough spot, but all of our sandpaper is at the Mechanical Engineering Department at Temple. You know, because that's where a homeowner's sandpaper should be...

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