Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hold my beer and watch this

Not much going on knit-wise. I'm on the foot of Mike's simple socks, but rather than forge on and finish the second of the pair (and I do love me some kitchenering... I can do that in my sleep!), I've been doing other things. Pictures and more details tomorrow, or later.

This weekend coming (is it bad that it's only Tuesday, yet I'm already talking about the weekend?) should be GOOD: friends, fiber, more friends, football, friends, and maybe even a dose of family. After Saturday, and with the gracious help of Anj, I should have a grasp on the stash. Since vowing to knit from stash after Rhinebeck, I have to say I've not really felt too much of an urge to buy yarn. And, I've definitely not felt the urge to somehow justify a yarn purchase because it's a gift, or for a project. I guess going cold turkey wasn't so bad after all...

First day back on the bike since before Christmas. I feel like it was a good ride in, despite the fact that I had to take my mountain bike. Cursed Giant and its rear tire! It's probably wrong that, as I rode in, I was thinking, "And tonight, I'll have ice cream and cake, and a bottle of wine, and it'll be ok because I'm burning calories!!!" Girl's gotta dream, though, right?

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purlewe said...

I've been looking forward to coming over myself.. so I won't say your thinking about it is wrong.