Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Everyone loves pictures!

Lately, this is how I've been doing business: never without a glass of wine nearby. This particular wine's name escapes me, though I can tell you it was fresh, fruity, and light. I'm more of a red wine girl, but this white went well with our dinner that night as well as with my knitting later on.

Anymore, this is what our cat does when Mike gets home: makes a lot of noise, eats two bites of food, and then jumps on his lap at the first chance. Mike's grown accustomed to eating his dinner with his elbows at odd angles. And the lap-snuggling isn't limited to the couch--putting on his shoes, sending an email, taking care of business... Any time there's a Mike-lap available, this cat is ON IT. See--there is a sweet side to The Meanest Cat In World.

There ain't nothing a good thwacking can't soften. This is a shot of my rinsed and thwacked doubles. As promised, the spinning unkinked some and softened a LOT. It's still wool, it's just no longer farm-style Brillo pad. I have some sunny yellow and orange Lamb's Pride in the stash that might get paired with this when I get around to knitting with it.

If I'm not drinking wine these days, it's because I'm drinking Mike's second homebrew/first batch of hard cider. It smells like champagne and tastes like dry baked tart apples. In other words: perfect. It's not as boozy as we'd hoped, but that's fine by me. I've got about a case and a half of this stuff left (started with just under two cases), so if any of you locals want a taste, call me.

Neatly stored DPNs. Doesn't look like 85 individual needles, now, does it?


Not-so-neatly stored circs. They are, however, stored according to size. Now that I have the Denises, though, I'm tempted to get rid of all of my circs between size US 5 and US 15. But you know how temptation is... Also, I made the circular needle holder. *ting*

We all know about the magic potential of wardrobes, right?

Yeah. There's some stash stashed in there...

But the good stuff is mostly in the 5 bins on top of the wardrobe. The ceiling fan makes it sometimes rather difficult to get at the overhead yarn, though so far neither limb nor fiber has been injured.

I lied about cross-stitching and machine sewing and whatever else taking over my life after I finished Mike's socks (by the way, he did surrender them to be laundered...). I cast on for the first Jaywalker on Monday, as I mentioned before. This is attempt number 2. I absolutely LOVE this pattern. It is so much fun to see the zigs and zags. And even though the pattern is predictable, the short color repeats of the yarn keep it interesting. I'm using Rhinebeck '06 stash: Great Adirondack Soxie in Old English. Or, as I like to call it, Malt Likka. Jaywalker's pattern works perfectly with my color name because, let's face it, when you drink the malt likka, you cain't walk a straight line. Yes, I said cain't.

Finally, some black and white self-portraiture. With 0% chance of rain and low humidity today, I took the time to blow out my hair. I felt so pretty that I decided to play with the timer on my camera... Then, instead of holding the pose, I got distracted by something outside the window. The result? Well, you tell me.


naomi said...

I really like your self-portrait. I am also impressed by your organizational skills. (And I would happily taste some homebrewed cider. Are you going to be at fiber night any time soon?)

Ella said...

I love the pic. And I love the hair. I also am intrigued by the homebrew...ditto to what Naomi said...

I hope to see you in the flesh soon.

Stitch Witch said...

Yeah for the Stash-a-ma-jig thing you did. In the words of your wise mother, much better to sort then suffer a stash-a-lanche! Love the pix. Makes me wonder what you were concentrating on so intently out the window.....