Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Final Countdown

Why do we do this to ourselves, fellow craftsters? You know what I'm talking about--we all start January breathing a sigh of relief that the crazy holidays and the related stressfulness of holiday crafting are a week behind us. We might even vow--next year? Next year, everyone gets Best Buy gift cards, heartfelt creations be damned! And yet, next year gets here and you know what happens, right? The siren call, the need for speed, the craving for that feeling of the needle, and before we know it, we're knee-deep once again in UFOs without much in the way of 24/7s.

And so it is that December 17 finds me furiously knitting a pair of wrist warmers, in between cross-stitching on the seasonal tea cups, and just before I start in on my next dozen or so pairs of hand-crafted earrings. Thank goodness for the craftiness of the Booger Grammy--otherwise, I'd still be working on Christmas '05.

Unrelated, here's a drink that I can seriously NOT recommend: Crystal Light Lemonade, tequila, and triple sec. I called it a white trash margarita, and boy howdy, did I feel white and trashy after having about 6 of those drinks...

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purlewe said...

some days I think I am in a race with myself to expire before the holly-daze.