Thursday, December 21, 2006

Deconstructing Eddie

Here is a finished object:

But--it's not what you think! This is not a finished object in terms of "look what I knit". No. This is a finished object in terms of IT HAS REACHED THE END OF ITS LIFE:

What we're looking at here, people, is the end of my rope. After being a faithful and loyal Eddie Bauer customer, I find that I have to quit this store. There have been far too many defects in quality, though in instances past, Eddie Bauer stood 100% behind its merchandise. When I attempted to return this item, I was met by an argumentative and downright nasty manager who all but accused me of trying to steal from the store. I notified the company's customer service department, but only learned that while they apologize for the attitude of their employee, they no longer have the same guarantee. Where once I could have returned the defective item for a full refund, they now can only accept returns with receipts. And I do admit--that's understandable--people DO abuse the returns policy. And, I'd gladly take my damaged sweater home and cry in my cereal if what I was trying to return was an item that had suffered normal wear and tear.

But this is an item that has been cared for: washing on the right cycle, drying at the right temperature, hung in a closet with cedar blocks. It makes no sense that the garment should develop at hole below the raglan shoulder seam when the rest of the sweater is in near-perfect condition:

I liked this sweater--the yarn had a nice drape without being slouchy, the ribbing adding some shaping, and the color was perfect.

After exhausting my case with Eddie Bauer's Office of the CEO, I'm just going to cut my losses. It's clear that the store no longer provides the quality of merchandise it once did: the fact that 4 items in the last two years have somehow failed or otherwise disappointed me can not be coincidence. Add to that the reduced guarantee--three of the four unsatisfactory items were returned with minimum questions asked and I was refunded the full price on each--and I'm not exactly eager to pay upwards of $70 on a sweater that might not last longer than a year. Especially when that same $70 could get me a small stash of sweater yarn!

And so as to not be completely negative, here's another shot of the snuggle-kitty:

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