Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday's leftovers

After a fantastic dinner Friday night at a newer and somewhat amazingly posh restaurant in my hometown (I had a chicken and asparagus risotto that was to freakin' die for), I just knew I had to make a risotto myself. With a pound of already cubed and roasted butternut squash and some smoked chicken leftover from Thanksgiving, all I needed was some parmesan and some Arborio riso to complete the dish. A less-than-quick jaunt on the MC later, a half hour or so in the kitchen, and presto:

I made enough that I had some for dinner tonight and I'll probably have some more for lunch tomorrow. It's so good, though, that I could eat this for a week and not get bored.

Next up on the risotto menu: parmesan, tomato, and garlic risotto. If that turns out as nicely as the squash dish, I'll post about that one, too.

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purlewe said...

and now I am hungry.