Monday, November 06, 2006

Sideshow Bob

When our good friends Jerry and Nat moved west to Chicago, they left behind a few houseplants simply because it would have been impossible to drive *that* far with semi-fragile houseplants and Monty-dog wagging his tail. Reluctantly, Nat left her beloved Sideshow Bob fern in our care. No sooner had the toot of her horn audibly faded than I whipped out the brand new pots and the bags of potting soil procured just for this occasion and went to work--while she left us only Bob specifically, I'd taken it upon myself to rescue two other plants that had been left on the the former E-B front porch.

When I first transplanted these cousins to Audrey II, I was positive that this would be the first and last time for such a task. I mean, in the case of the root-bound fern, how much larger could it grow? And for the little two other scraggly plants--moving on up from an 8-inch pot to a 16-inch pot... Well, that was plant life if ever there was such a thing!

The three plants flourished in their new abode and when we flew west to visit the good doctor and her cheese snob husband, we brought along a rather large portion of the beloved fern. Two years since being left in our care, and not only do I need to repot these plants, but I actually need to divide them! Behold, Sideshow Bob, the wonder fern, and his Simpsons-in-waiting, Lisa and Maggie:

What's my green thumb secret to doubling, tripling, and then doubling plant growth? Absolutely nothing. Seriously, we move Bob and the kids out back after the last threat of frost and bring Bob and the kids in before the first hard frost, and pretty much water the plants once a week or so in the winter, letting nature take care of business in the summer.

This spring, I will definitely be splitting the plants and repotting them. Bob could actually be (drawn and) quartered, while Lisa could be thirded, and the wee Maggie could get away with being halved. Until then, though, I'll have to do what I can to make sure the plants don't eat the cat.


jody said...

the pics don't do them justice. they're really gorgeous, gorgeous plants.

naomi said...

If ever you are interested in swapping plant cuttings/splittings, let me know.