Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Fridge!!!

My mom is the most awesome--and I'm not saying that because she's sitting right to my right... She really is AWESOME.

For our tenth anniversary, my parents' treated us to a new fridge. Well, delivery was today and of course, the damn thing didn't fit where we wanted to put it... Cue mom (who was already planning a visit today anyway). She helped Mike and I get the fridge in its place and then she helped me get my kitchen back in shape. It's CLEAN, and it's ORGANIZED, and it's lovely.

And now... Now, mom and I are sitting in my dining room, dueling laptop style, and she's posting to her very own blog. Imagine! Mom's doing it all now!!!

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Mmmmissy said...

How about a picture of that new fridge?

And--hey, wait a minute! What was wrong with the old fridge?

I'm hoping for a new fridge. The current one, while not quite as small as a dorm refrigerator, is entirely inadequate for two people who like to cook and drink beer. And the light has been broken since August, when I smacked it with the Brita pitcher because there is no clearance because the goddamn refrigerator is too small!