Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Take a look it's on display, for you

While in Rhinebeck, the land of rolling hills, strolling alpacas, and the House of Fun, I picked up four skeins of icy blue lace weight yarn:

Jody and the girls seemed to think that the yarn would knit up nicely as Seraphim, and I have to admit I'm inclined to agree. BUT, I also like this one. I've a floating date with Anj to look at other shawl patterns, though to be honest, I'm not in any rush to start just yet. Which reminds me... I want to sort of catalog my stash and evaluate projects-in-waiting. That'll be a fun afternoon!!!

Next up: more scores from Rhinebeck. Yes, I am going to drag it out like this, and I'll tell you why: I'm on a self-imposed yarn diet. No yarn purchases until Mike graduates. Place your bets as to when I'll cave, fuckers!

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