Monday, October 02, 2006

A match; and Hershey!

Yesterday, Mike and I hopped in our ride and ventured out to the Vortex. Everyone reading this surely has a vortex nearby; it goes something like this: home improvement store of your choice, electronics store of your choice, pet supply store of your choice, mega-bookstore of your choice, discount shoe store (or two) or your choice, prepster clothing store or five of your choice, office supply store of your choice, Marshall's or Ross (your choice!), discount department store of your choice, and a couple of specialty shops and a grocery store. A vortex.

Anyway, we had a mental list--stop at Lowe's, Best Buy, Target, Old Navy, and maybe the guitar shop for strings. We ended up passing on Lowe's, Best Buy didn't have what we wanted (which reminds me... I need to order it from Amazon...), Target didn't have what we were looking for (though we did get popcorn at the snack shack), Old Navy didn't have squat (I'm not alone in the whole anti-Fash'on thing, am I?), and by that point in the trip, I didn't want to get out and in for another shop, so we nixed the guitar shop. Besides, with Mike busy busy busy with school, he doesn't have time to play guitar, much less change out the strings. I managed just enough energy yesterday afternoon to round out our trip to the 'burbs with a quick stop at REI (my bike is blessedly fixed and running better than ever. I cannot wait to get back in the saddle!!!), and then zombie'ed my way through Genuardi's before Mike and I jetted home and I changed into my PJs.

Now, the whole point of the Vortex trip was to go to Old Navy and get a nice shirt to go under the Rhinebeck vest. I know, I know... I've tried it three different ways (two of which have been previously posted). The third way was with a buttonless button-down shirt I made in my sewing class last year... When I took the measurements and started the shirt, I was a full two sizes smaller than when I finished the shirt. I don't know about you, but someone 'round here gained a LOT of weight. Anyway, the shirt has been untouched since November of last year. Curiosity got me, though, and a few weeks ago, I dug it out (ok, it was also my mom insisting that since I've lost nearly 40 pounds, the shirt should now fit me or even be--gasped--too big!), pressed it, and then hung it up with the vest for effect:

Now, the shirt does indeed fit. BUT, it does still need a row of buttons and buttonholes. AND, the collar needs to be finished. These two things wouldn't be so overwhelming if it weren't for the fact that the homemade shirt looks a little too homemade--especially in the shoulders. Perhaps alone, on it's own, or under a blazer, I would feel more presentable. But fluffy princess-looking cap-wannabe sleeves ain't gonna cut it with a warm and wooly vest, right?

SO, I planned a trip to Old Navy. I mean, Old Navy is good for a few things: t-shirts, pajama pants, and the casual office dress shirt. Except, no luck, as mentioned. Cue shirt from the back of my closet:

With the blue shirt, I kept looking at the blue shirt. With the white shirt, I was sort of turned off by its starkness. With the self-made shirt, I just could see all my little imperfections TIMES TWO. With this shirt, I've given myself a pat on the back. I think this is the combo that *GOES* together. The pink doesn't overpower the vest, the vest works with the shirt. It took a few tries, but finally, I figured out at least part of the upper half of my wardrobe for Rhinebeck.

Now, onto more important--or, at least, equally important--things: the cross-stitch convention in Hershey! Sis joined Mom and I this year and aside from a couple of late night shouting matches (my mom snores and she had a URI, so nights were a cacophony of her snoring, sniffling, and snorting and me--allegedly--yelling at her to sleep on her belly), the three of us had a BLAST. From the inappropriate conversation with the bartender (I believe the phrase "shitting brownie batter" was used, and it came from my sister's mouth as she talked about the one time she had "herbal" brownies), to the afternoon we spent in the spa lounging in nothing more than bathrobes and taking saunas at whim, to the shop-shop-shopping it down, we three girls know how to turn a dollar.

Here's a shot of our loot from Friday's shopping, and keep in mind that cross-stitch shopping often involves little needles, pamphlets, and specialty floss. Also, in her attempt to "catch up" with us, Sis's purchases take up at least (and probably more) than half of what you see. The stuff my mom and I bought is towards the foot of the bed...

Surprisingly, there was some yarn to be found among all the cross-stitching supplies. Even better, it was yarn I wanted--sari silk!

Things we're going to do differently next year:
1. I'm not paying for everyone's spa trip. I didn't mind it this year because I'd planned on it, plus how many times does your mom turn 50 and your sister get a super-duper promotion that moves her cross-country top-to-bottom-wise?

2. We're not eating at the breakfast buffet. We can save an easy $30-45 by bringing our own breakfast stuff. Plus, more time spent in PJs!

3. We're making a third day plan and sticking to it. This means, either outlet shopping OR antique shopping OR historic touring. Not both. Not all three.

4. We need to have pre-meal drinks. Or, we need to join AA. The single martini going straight to my head and then coming right out my mouth in the form of verbal diarrhea? Hilariously not all that cool.

5. Any TV shows that we absolutely much watch should be recorded while we are away. This is to prevent us from having a repeat of Thursday night wherein Sis and I were stumbling and running down the corridor in an attempt to reverse time so that we could catch all 60 minutes of McDreamy and Meredith. Meanwhile, Mom got lost between the bar and the room--all without ever leaving the hotel complex. The VCR--it is your friend!

Finally, Friday night's dinner with my two favorite ladies:

And now, I shall get ready to collapse into bed--whatever my Mom had last week she so lovingly has passed on. I've got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow afternoon and a date with Nyquil tonight. I keep telling myself that EVENTUALLY working around all these children will do wonders for my immune system... I certainly hope I'm not about to spend the next four months dancing a drunken two-step with germs of various ilk.


jody said...

i love the light pink shirt. i think you've totally hit the nail on the head with that combo. it compliments the vest -- perfect.

glad to hear hershey was good. you're having quite a crafty month -- cross stitch and knitting convention all within 3 weeks!

JT Evans said...

My wife can talk sewing with you and I hope maybe she will, but I wanted to comment on vortices (that the right Latin plural?). I whine sometimes because if we want anything besides white bread or salt pork, or blue jeans for me to wear with a long chain holding my wallet and without a shirt, we have to go to Louisville. Or Chicago. I wish we had a vortex a little closer by. Glad you have one as near as you do, even if you don't always find what you want. It beats Wal-Mart.