Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New tricks, no pics

I'm just a few inches from the armholes on my self-designed sweater vest--4 inches! I could stretch it and make it less than 3.25 inches, but I smack my hands whenever I think that sort of thing. It's just that sort of thinking that gets me sweaters that are too short in the body! I've used up one and a half skeins of the Cascade Pastaza, and I must say that yarn is nearly perfect. The only complaint I have is it's, well, too fuzzy. But, not in a bad way, especially not knit up. The Pastaza calls for US 9s on its own. I'm knitting it with the Brooks Farm on 9s and the resulting fabric is sturdy, yet pliant. I think that helps control some of the fuzz, for sure. So, the fuzz that remains lends a halo effect to the garment. Just looking at the progress in my lap makes me warm and fuzzy and ready for warm cider.

The new trick is I think I'm scooping instead of wrapping. Since learning to knit, I've always been afraid of and fascinated with Continental knitting. I learned to knit with the English method and I took comfort in the ease of using one hand to wrap while two hands held the needles in place. But, I'm always up for a knitting challenge (heck, I might even try Fair Isle and intarsia one day. MAYBE.) and as I sat in my chair (Mike studying hard upstairs), I put the yarn in my left hand and awkwardly tried a couple of stitches Continentally. When the world didn't reverse on its axis, AND I didn't drop all my stitches, I tried a round. Then, I tried another round. And now, some dozen or more rounds later, I'm kinda liking the scoop. I am knitting faster--until I come to the purls... Then it's like my hands have somehow forgotten all that they've ever learned about knitting. I lose half of the time I've gained when it comes to the purls, but I'm still a little faster overall, right? I also find that the scooping is less taxing on my hands and, if I wanted, I could probably switch the two techniques back and forth when knitting for extended periods of time.

Sigh... I knew you'd all understand!!!


naomi said...

If you haven't already, you should check out the Norwegian Purl--it's a different purling technique that goes with knitting Continental, and it seems to be a lot easier.

JT Evans said...

"Nonne" that I've missed seeing you and Mike?