Monday, September 25, 2006

Another bag of bricks

I spent a real chill afternoon with Jody yesterday and just as she served up soup, I finished one shoulder seam on the sweater vest. Not long after soup was off (and, yum, in our bellies), and I had a 99% finished object!

I rushed home to soak and block the vest, then I trained our trusty Vornado on the garment and let it dry. This morning, I paired it two shirts to see how each looked with the vest. Here it is with a white Oxford shirt:

And here it is with a Wedgewood blue shirt:

The fit is good and blocking it found the vest growing longer by about 2 inches. All I have to do tonight (or Thursday night) is some single crochet around the neckline and the armholes.

I do believe I'm ready for Rhinebeck and with time to spare!

1 comment:

jody said...

woohoo! looking great. i like both shirts. i'm still interested in seeing how it'll look with the pink one you mentioned too.