Thursday, August 17, 2006

Walking in the park

After a couple of sputtering fits, Jody and I finally managed to meet up for some much-needed knitting and kibitzing this past Sunday. The plan was to meet at LaVa Cafe, at 21st and South, then head to Loop for some unabashed yarn therapy. After that, we'd go to Rosie's for more yarn therapy, and then we'd head back to my 'hood for some eating before we parted ways. And while that's pretty much exactly what happened, it was so much more!

At Loop, I kind of hung low; I'd just been in there the week before and I was still feeling fairly high from my purchases. But, I did buy *something*: big ass needles, US 35s, and some teeny tiny DPNs, US 0s, which also came in a little collectible tin. Allow me a brief rant: these things weren't priced!!!! So, I had them in my grubby paw and when I was rung out and totaled, the cashier kindly asked for more than $40. For what amounted to two sets of needles. Now, since I will use the teeny tiny needles far more often than the big ass needles, my teeny tiny investment turned out to be the better purchase. STILL! I am hoping to wind my Woolbearer's sock yarn tonight so that I can take it with me this weekend, and if I take this yarn, I'll be using the super tiny yet packs a price-tag needles. I'm kind of excited to knit with US 0s.

At Rosie's, I continued in the non-yarn purchasing vein (I am looking for Sari silk to use for a belt--losing all this weight means my pants are too big, and since I'm not exactly going to buy a new pair of pants every month, I need to have a way to keep my pants UP. Plus, I enjoy showing off my newly discovered, far from finished emerging, waistline.), purchasing two books: One Skein and Knitting Rules. Both books seemed like I'd get good mileage out of them, so I was pretty content with my purchase when I left the store.

Jody and I agreed the day was too nice to waste it, so we headed to Rittenhouse Square for some knitting in the shade. We people watched--oafish dad playing with kid, lots of dogs, running and screaming children, some fratties playing Frisbee, and this old man--MORE POWER TO HIM--that essentially stripped to his woolen bathing costume before settling in for sunbathing. I was kinda glad that my back was to him, even if I was showing a bit of skin. Jody worked on socks using some absolutely gorgeous yarn--go check out her blog for the details--and I browsed my books with a bit more focus.

It was a quiet afternoon until I let out a squee and a half: while looking through One Skein, one of the patterns is photographed in a Karmann Ghia! Now that I have one, it seems I'm finding them everywhere--movies, a couple of TV shows, the occasional highway spotting--but I never expected to see one in a knitting book. Jody said that I'd now have to knit that particular pattern, and I agree, though the end result may end up as a gift to my fellow Ghia enthusiast and partner in caravanning, Evelynne.

It was really nice hanging out with Jody--in my mind, she's close to a knitting genius. I'm glad that we've fallen back in touch!

This weekend, I'll be heading north for 3-4 days. Little Sis is moving far far away (6 hours by car, the way my Mom drives) and Mom and I are giving her a hand with settling in. Mom is insane--she's already mapped out a couple of cross-stitch stores and some yarn shops. Sis is pretty kind--she's already mapped out a couple of gluten-free friendly restaurants. If nothing else, I hope to have an excessively good time this weekend and at least 6 good photographs.

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jody said...

this weekend *was* fab, wasn't it? and i'm glad too :)

ps - knitting genius? what do i say first? uhm, not a chance...or thank you? ;)