Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shameless stash-enhancing

I killed time yesterday afternoon with some shopping at Loop while Mike had a small procedure done. I had a $25 gift certificate (thanks to some fabulous neighbors), and an itching to finally treat myself to some Lorna's Laces. And, I did indeed treat myself to LL, but I also couldn't resist browsing the HUGE sale section that Craig and the girls have set up.

From the sale "bin", I got some Ultramerino 4 by Artyarns, color 111.

I'm tired of self-striping/patterning yarns right now, and while I know that I'll still get some pooling and patterning with the U4, I don't think (I hope) that the end result will be as predictable as, say, Sassy Stripes...

I picked up an interesting Celtic cabled sock--the cables appear to neatly end in the heel and carry over to the instep ribbing seamlessly--that I'll try out with the U4.

A month or so ago, I was propositioned by my eyebrowist while reclining under the shining, bright, magnifying light--she loved my bag, wanted to know where I bought it... When I told her I'd made it, she freaked. Then, immediately put in an order for a custom-designed bag. Now, I've never tried to be a designer for others. It's one thing to toy around with possible sweater and bag patterns for myself (or my mom... Because MOMS have to use what their kids give them, even if it is covered in macaroni.). But designing for others? At their request? I was hesitant to begin. So, I let the idea stew for a few weeks, until yesterday. I picked up the yarn (she requested carrot and daffodil), and then browsed some patterns before having THE bag pattern emerge fully-formed from my brow... I'm excited to start on this bag, now, but I must first finish the baby sweater. Pictures as progress allows.

Finally, the Lorna's Laces... For as much sock yarn as I have, I'd yet to add any LL to my stash. I know of a few people that thoroughly enjoy LL, and of a few people that less-than-like LL. But, I wanted to try it out for myself. When Mike and I got home last night and I unwound the first skein, even he couldn't stop himself from taking in a sharp, quick breath (ok, so that may have been more of a pain thing...), and saying, "Ooohhhh!!!" Good husband.

That's Shepherd Sock in Vera--lots of olives, browns, fuschias and dusty pink/beiges. YUM.

As is typical of almost every knitter I know, I could have spent so much more while at Loop. I consider myself (and my happy marriage) lucky that I managed to spend just over $40 (plus the gift certificate) yesterday.

Today's going to be a GORGEOUS day, and if Mike hadn't broken my side view mirrow off the Ghia, I'd be taking the girl out today. Instead, my mom's heading up to the city and she and I are hitting Doylestown. Henry Mercer ain't gonna know what hit him.

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jody said...

yay for stash enhancement! i'm glad you had fun yesterday.

bummer about the mirror. hope that's not too much trouble to get fixed.

enjoy the cooler weather! i'm heading outside to sit and knit in the shade right now.