Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Against all that I could ever hope to stand for...

True to any project, be it knitting, painting, house repair, or you name it, I've already frogged the braided cable sock once. ENTIRELY. As in, pull out all four needles, have a mental hissy fit, and then ball the yarn while my icy coffee conconction melts and my comrade in knitting fondles her yarn... I managed to cast-on, again, and this time I'm paying attention to the pattern and not just saying, "Hmmmm, let's cable NOW." Knitting in the abstract, and at whim, never has the best results. Or, at least, the expected results.

Here's the re-cast-on, re-knitted cabled sock, about... over halfway down the leg:

I like the texture the cables have with this yarn, and I like that when I hold the sock in my hand and look at it, the colors are pleasing. What I don't like is taking a picture and seeing the purple is coming out as an almost spiral effect. Still, that's interesting. I'm calling the yarn Red Hat because the purple and the red makes me think of those ladies.

The honeymoon is over: my Ghia needs new floorboards STAT. I've got a call in to a garage over in Jersey (they come highly recommended). Now, I'm just waiting to hear from my mechanic about the extent of brake work that needs to be done.

I feel like I should rent and watch The Money Pit, but the last time that movie was rented by someone in my immediate household, there was a catastrophic loss of backpack and Ninja Head the First. I guess the clothes shopping spree I was looking forward to in September is going to have to wait... AND instead, I should start sewing all those pants and blouse patterns I have. Heck, I should finish the shirt that I started last year--all that remains is the neck finishing!

Back in sock-land--I think I can hit the heel flap tonight, if all goes well. Wish me luck.

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