Monday, July 10, 2006

Walking tightrope high

Housekeeping all around!
  • I've added some Knitting Blog links, finally. I'll add more as I read more.
  • We removed one ceiling fan this weekend.
  • We installed two ceiling fans this weekend.
  • The garage needs to be cleaned, still, but I think the basement is going to win the race as to which of the two is addressed first.
I had a great birthday (as Naomi cleverly guessed), complete with cake and pizza. That may not sound amazing to you all, but for a girl that can't eat wheat without suffering instantly and then for two to three weeks after, cake and pizza are extraordinarily amazing.

I've got pictures to upload, still, though now it includes stinky smelly electrical work (Mike features prominently in these). I'm hoping to hear some good news tomorrow (or Wednesday......), and then who knows? First thing when I get home tonight, though, is some iPod maintenance. I was struck with the desire to update my now-usual rotation of tunes (I use the iPod chiefly as a home stereo, plugging it into its little JBL docking speaker) and I'm getting nothing but rejection whenever I try to make the the damn thing talk to the computer. It's like all those afternoons of playing with Barbies gone bad.

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purlewe said...

been thinknig about you and your home repairs. give me a call if you ever want some extra help.