Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stop and go

My progress on Haiku has sputtered and died, but only because I'm over-crafted right now. I'm going full-force on the piece I wrote about in my last entry--the Perennial Border cross-stitch, from Drawn Thread.

I've got some sort of stash-enhancing issue; I haven't been able to pass a yarn store without buying two skeins of something. Since my current stash-obsession is sock yarn, this isn't too bad. Still, I've got how many pairs of socks waiting to be knit now? Oh well--who's counting, really?

I've got more and more pictures to post--some of WIPs, some of the framed wedding sampler (it came out amazing!). Now that my weekends are free (in that I no longer work every other), I'm hoping to find some time to devote to photos and scrapbooking (it's now been almost a year since I received my first installment of scrapbooking supplies and what have I got to show for it?). I'm also hoping to spend some time planning our big ten-year anniversary party.

This August, it will have been 5 years in our house. I remember when we first bought it, we whipped through every room, stripping, cleaning, painting, and touching up EVERYTHING in less than 3 months. How did we do it? Because now? I just think about doing a fraction of that much work and I am completely pooped and uninspired. Planning a big party, though, will motivate me... Maybe.

I know planning a cook-out for some knitter friends yesterday motivated me to clean house like I haven't cleaned house in AGES. For whatever reason, these last few weeks have been terrible in terms of keeping up appearances at home and even the cat has started to put out distress calls. Two solid days of sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning, and bending, stretching, reaching, and moving has paid off--there are curtains back in place, fur-less furniture in rooms, and a ton of leftover booze from an overstocked but still well-drunk party. That's the way I like it.

I got an early birthday present on Sunday, though I'm not going to say too much about it other than, HOLY SHIT. My fingers are crossed that in a matter of days, I will know what I need to know so that in turn, the Internet can then know. You know?

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Megan said...

you are teh tease wrt the big internet secret!!! but yeah, do tell when you can.