Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Knitting for baby, and NYC shops

I'm working on Haiku (from Knitty) finally. I say finally because I've looked at the pattern on and off since I can remember and I just never had the occasion to stitch it up. But, with a due date in July approaching, and the cross-stitch project all but framed, why not cast-on for another knitting project?

As best as I can figure it, here's a list of WIPs:
Anastasia cabled sweater--the back is complete; however, this may need to be frogged and sized down due to my weight loss.
Scoop du Jour cardi--started, stopped, currently holding at half a pair of sleeves. I thought, maybe, if I started with the sleeves I'd be more encouraged to knit the long haul faster. How mistaken was I!!!
A blanket for my craft room, using yarn procured in a trade with...Lauren (I had to really delve into my memories for that one...)
Mom socks (not for my mom, though).
Two pairs of socks for me (barely started the toe on both of these). Note: I have the yarn to make myself at least 4 more pairs of socks, but like I said, I'll probably end up gifting these as time goes by.
Branching Out, from Knitty... about 60% done.
Socks for Mike (a mental WIP, if you will).
Squirrel-lined bag (Two Old Bags pattern... and no, it's not lined with squirrel fur, but rather squirrel print fabric. Who knew such a thing existed? I DID!!!)
Boogie vest--this is in need of a desperate frogging. I got impatient while knitting it and made it WAY too short and WAY too wide. Perhaps in August, just before the weather turns, I will frog this and try again (paying closer attention, also, to gauge...).

I know I'm missing something on this list... But I guess that's not too bad since I did it all from memory. I really need to sit down and prioritize my knitting--there's no reason that Branching Out SHOULD not be done!!! I mean, COME ON--60% complete?

But, it's just knitting, and life happens in between the rows, so... I'll get to it all soon enough.

Now, potential stash enhancement expedition on the horizon! I've been invited to New York City next week (a friend is meeting with potential suppliers for her new business) and she's completely unsure about public transportation in the Big Apple. I cannot say that I am an expert on MTA, but I can say that Mike and I have always been able to get around in other cities (we're big fans of public transportation and have planned our vacations around which location will offer the most in terms of PT. I suppose this is why most of our recent vacations have included trips to big cities and not, say, the country...). So, I'm in charge of navigation. We'll be around 7th Avenue and 39th Street in the morning and I'd like to try to have lunch (or, dunch, if it's a later lunch) at Risotteria (270 Bleecker Street). Other than that, though, our schedule is wide open.

Since we're both knitters (I gave her a refresher lesson about a year ago and she's going strong), we want to get in a few yarn shops. Aside from School Products (I've heard a lot about this shop, so I feel as if I must go), are there any other yarn shops that are must-sees? I'm not as familiar (sadly) with NYC as I should be, so please be as detailed as you can with any recommendations... And, for a little non-knitter fun, any off-the-beaten-path things two crazy girls should try to squeeze in while gallivanting through the big city?


jody said...

school products is great, just be prepared for it to be hit or miss. one trip i bought 3 sweater-sized cones, another time...nothing!

habu is right around the corner from SP. if you're in the mood for habu yarn then you have to go -- they have sample skeins out of lots of their yarns.

i prefer the stores downtown. i LOVE purl. it's tiny but they're very friendly, and then there's downtown yarns. i would put these 2 above knit ny and the point -- both i thoughtout were OK but i preferred purl and downtown yarns.

here's a good page with all the addresses

purlewe said...

I love purl.. and purl also has a store a couple doors down now for quilting. AWESOME.

I agree with jody about the hit or miss on school products. But I love it anyway.

I've always wanted to visit HABU.

Gonna put you on my sidebar. OK babe??