Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Insert scream of frustration HERE

I am seriously about one row from ripping out the second of a pair of socks AS WELL AS the first. Why, you ask? BECAUSE.

First, I had issues because I put down the second sock for too long. Now I have issues, related to the first batch, because the heels are not matching up. I'm not talking about self-striping stripes matching up--I'm talking about forgetting the number of stitches I used on the first heel.

And I've checked the first sock all along! Every time I've worked on the second sock, the first one has been there for comparison and reference.

If I frog them both now, I still have all of June and half of July before they need to be done, so it's not as though the deadline looms. And I do have other things that need more immediate attention. But, I hate that my knitting is currently close to getting the best of me.

For tonight, I will just leave it... Maybe by the weekend, we'll be back on speaking terms.

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savannahchik said...

bring them on sunday. maybe we can figure out the stitch count for ya :)