Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Haiku and stash enhancements

Progress on knitting
Cardigan daily growing

The body of Haiku is close to 75% done--it's a nice quick knit and a welcome change from the finer work of sock knitting and embroidery (separate acivities). I'm considering knitting the sleeves in the round (two on two circs) just to avoid pesky seams, but we'll see. I'm using Bernat Softee, a definite break from my usual yarn-snobbery, but it's actually holding up well and isn't too bad to work with. I picked it after skin-testing several options and that must have looked interesting to the bystander: some random chick holding various skeins of yarn to her chest...

We were in AC Moore over the weekend (Mike had to get supplies for this mini-car he's building as part of a school project), so while he browsed and pondered the selection of balsa wood, I walked around the store. I'm never overly impressed with the yarn at AC Moore (see yarn snobbery comment above). It's not that I don't think the yarn is crap (though some of it is), it's just... well, if I'm going to spend a significant amount of money on yarn, I want it to be REALLY nice. Sometimes, you can get that at AC Moore, but mostly, you've got to cruise the LYS for the good stuff. That all said, I've got a fair amount of Lion Brand, Bernat, kitchen cotton, and the like in my stash (OH MAN, I just remembered I have Fun Fur in my stash... it's like an 80s flashback...). When push meets shove, I'll definitely be able to find something to knit with at AC Moore.

Anyway, on Saturday, I wasn't really looking for yarn or anything. I was just taking advantage of two things: being in a craft store and delicious, ice cold, air conditioning (our rowhouse is slated for AC installation this fall!!!). As I walked up and down the yarn aisles, I groped and fondled a fair number of skeins, but held onto nothing. Then, in the big old bin of mill ends--a place I've never really looked EVER--I found a super soft blue, tan, and chocolate variegated yarn. At $5 a bag, I bought 3, and I've been planning a sweater since Saturday. My last self-designed sweater will be getting frogged soon (too big, even when I'd first finished it; definitely too big now), but that was a super quick knit (US 13s, anyone?). This next self-designed sweater (using my mill ends yarn) is going to have a little bit more oomph to it... At least, in my head it does. We'll see what happens once thought become craft.

Finally, with one cross-stitch piece off to be framed, I've got the X X X bug again. I've been rooting through my stash, trying to find something challenging, yet quick, and I think I've got the perfect project. Now, I just need to get to my local needlework shop (a cool 22 miles south and west of me) to get some 32-count Belfast linen, in "putty". I'll be stitching by Saturday night!!!

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