Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Free ride

After a grueling tour of a local elementary school, I went home last night and changed out of my respectable outfit and into bike shorts and a t-shirt. Mike's been pining for a decent ride and since his new job doesn't permit bike-commuting (it's the distance and lack of a safe route, mostly), I suggested we take a quick trip around the Loop after work. I was off for most of last week--working essentially just two of the four days in the already short week--so I missed my daily 10 mile ride.

We averaged 16.5 mph for the Loop itself (I pooped out on the hill and slowed to an excruciating 6.5-7mph for the last half-mile--BUT for only the third time in my personal history, I made it up that hill without stopping ONCE). I hadn't realized how beneficial my daily riding was until haflway through our ride last night when I realized pedaling on the flat ways is damn near effortless! Hooray for having to bike through hilly Northwest Philadelphia!

Tangentially related...

I've bought some new clothes lately, the latest round of purchases coming from Old Navy and consisting of t-shirts mostly. I bought a size smaller than I used to buy, but found that size to be too big still. Since January, I've lost nearly 30 pounds... And since March 2003, I've lost over 50 pounds. Saying that number, even if it's just in my head, is pretty damn inspiring.

It's easy to say now that I'll bike the whole summer, but right now the weather's not too hot, the humidity's not too high, and the night temperature doesn't leave my thighs semi-permanently adhered to each other. BUT, when I do start to second-guess my idea about riding through the summer, I'll remember these numbers.


jody said...

well, even if you bike less this summer, be kind and realistic to yourself. i think too often we take (i know i do) an all or nothing perspective with ourselves, and in the end we declare we have failed when really, all we've done is adjusted. when it's 90 and humid, is it really so bad if you don't bike that day?

your overall progress is amazing, so just keep on reminding yourself of that. and if you have a few more off days in july or august, enjoy them for what they are. soak up the garden a bit more, or cook on the grill.

you can do it!

miss angela said...

That anti-chafing powder gel stuff there's a coupon for in the WW booklets? Totally worth it.