Monday, June 12, 2006

A finish!

No pictures yet, but I've finished the wedding piece, with weeks to spare! I completed the stitching (save for a few French knots) while relaxing with Christy and Michelle in Jody's beautiful (even in its unfinished state) back yard. Once home last night, I finished the French knots and added some beads for embellishment. All that's left now is a gentle washing, blocking, and mounting--I'll be stopping by the framer's soon enough!

Knit-talk was the main course for Sunday afternoon, but Jody also whipped up some amazing pork kebabs (cinnamon in the spicing!) and a tasty corn and bean salad. The menu entirely has inspired me to do some grilling this weekend!

Jody and Christy knit on some blanket projects and Michelle and I kept it sock-centered: she was working on a leg and I was scouring Jody's books for the perfect sock pattern. Despite the fact that I've knit several pairs of socks, I only have ONE pair to my name. Even if I start out knitting a pair of socks with the intent that they will be mine, all mine, I will, invariably, end up gifting the socks to someone else. Heck, even my cat has received a sock--but that's an entirely different post.

When I was at Woolbearers, I bought some of their in-house sock yarn and I am vowing that this yarn will be used only for my own pair of socks. This should be do-able: my Koigu is tagged for socks for Nat, I've got a forest green sock yarn meant for Jerry. Mike has two yarns that are waiting to become socks for him, and that leaves about 12 or so other skeins of sock yarn waiting to be assigned. Ideally, they'd all become socks for me, but I know that I'm too much of a giver to keep the sock love all to myself.

On the way over to NJ, Christy had recommended Sensational Knitted Socks, and boy oh boy, was she ever spot on! I'll gladly admit that most knitting books leave me wanting a little more--either the patterns are 50/50 or the writing isn't clear or the technique is grossly different from mine. Whatever the issue, there's always something that I can point to and say, "Meh..." (And just so the knitters and knitting writers don't feel the brunt--I'm this way with all craft books. There's only one cross-stitch book that I've used so much that I could and should replace it, but that would mean I lose all my notes: Art Nouveau Cross Stitch--I've made several of the patterns featured in here and I would gladly make them again. That's truly saying a lot about cross-stitch!!!) Anyway, SKS is just the kind of book that will readily become a sock reference. It's also the type of book where the patterns allow for a bit more flexibility, and that appeals to my wild and free creative side--don't fence me in with your absolute K1P1 rigidity!

And as if discovering this little gem of a sock book wasn't treat enough, Jody then surprised me further with the generous loan of Seasons 1 and 2 of Gilmore Girls. I now know enough people that watch it that I no longer consider GG my secret pleasure, so I'm shouting it out, y'all. I'm a late-comer to GG, having started somewhere in the last 3 years or so. While I don't feel like I'm lost while watching new episodes, I'm eager to get as much of the back-story as possible. Plus, GG is guaranteed (sock) knitting time! I can't wait to get home tonight JUST SO I CAN WATCH MORE.

I'm hoping to take a picture or two of the finished cross-stitch tonight, so look for another photo post soon!

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