Sunday, June 04, 2006

Craft update

As promised, a photo update.

First, some cross-stitching. This is the ALMOST finished wedding piece that I'm making for my dear friend Chloe and her soon-to-be husband, Felipe. I took this picture about a week or so ago, and I've finished a little bit more. I don't have a lot left to do and I've even less time to finish it, so I should really get back on the ball with this! Damn need for sleep!

How about some x-stitching stash?

And just so the sock of the moment doesn't feel left out, here's it with its up and coming mate...

It's not the best picture, but it's at least proof that I do still knit! I've had some trouble with these socks--the first one, I did the bind off too tight (it's now ripped back some and waiting for the needles to pick up the stitches and bind off with ease). The second one, I got to the heel, put it down for a few weeks, and when I picked it up again, I couldn't for the life of me remember just what the hell I was doing. HATE that. So, I frogged it entirely and started over (only after about 16 attempts to figure it out, and after having about 23 fits of rage). I'm now to the heel--again--but I'm not putting this sucker down until I'm to the leg.

I'm using a Regia sock yarn and the "You're Putting Me On" basic toe-up sock pattern.

Finally, some stash enhancement. I mentioned that I'd made a trip to Woolbearers a little while back... Well, here're the fruits of that trip:

MORE sock yarn! I'm really becoming quite the sock-knitter! I love the versatility of this portable project AND I can always justify two skeins of sock yarn! While my hopes and dreams were to become a sweater knitter, I've just not got the patience to knit more than a sweater or two a year. Plus, knitting socks seems to really amaze friends and family, especially when I do them toe-up. ANYONE can knit in a circle, I say, but if my skills as a sock-knitter is up there in my bag of tricks, I'll take it!

There are more photos here, including some from our summer vacation last year!

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