Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Checking in...

While there are certainly any number of projects waiting to be finished (or, in some cases, restarted), I've made time in the last week to start a new project. This is my attempt at getting a head start on my holiday crafting and to not get stuck, like I did last year, with 14 pairs of mittens to make in just about as many days. That was the opposite of fun.

My current project is The Drawn Thread's Perennial Border. I had to go through a few hoops to get the fabric (a time which will one day be known as the Saga of the Strawberry Sampler) but I'm glad I waited to visit a shop rather than just buy it off the Internet. As much as I like not having to interact with humans whenever possible, I think some things warrant the kindness of strangers and shopowners. Since the Strawberry Sampler's closed on Sundays, my mom and I ended up visiting Stitches that Count (211 Delaware St, New Castle, DE 19720) for some stash enhancement as well as Belfast linen in Platinum. Historic New Castle, even in the rain, is a hidden gem and I'm already planning a return trip. Mom and I lamented the rustic beauty and restored heritage of New Castle, agreeing that there's no good reason our own hometown couldn't be as vibrant. A little research, a little restoration, and a spit-shine or two would reveal the hidden gem on the Jersey-side of the Delaware, too!

After craft-shopping, we had a bite to eat in a lovely bar in a strip mall. Doesn't that sound horrible? But it wasn't! With Delaware's smoking ban, eating out is pleasant even when you're opting for pub grub. Sated, we made our way across the way to shop for some clothes. I ended up with two new pairs of shoes, two skirts, two tops, and infinite possibilities! Ok, so I actually only have about 6 possible outfits from these four pieces, but still--that's not bad!

Even better than Mom treating me for much of the day (I did buy my own linen at the cross-stitch store because, after all, I'm making the piece for her...) was the fact that I was trying on clothes in sizes that I don't think I've worn since before I got married. Rather than ending the shopping trip in tears, I was actually satisfied with everything. I've got a week and a half to hit my next goal (35) and as of this morning, I was just about 2 lbs away.

It's sunny right now, with a warm breeze. Let's all hope it stays that way so I can at least have part of my bike commute be dry--though, if given the choice between riding home wet and riding to work wet, I'll take the former.

I hope to have some craft pictures soon. I've got a big photo-event this weekend (wedding), but after that, I should be able to photograph what I want, where I want, when I want. Relief!

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