Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have two bikes, one is a mountain bike, the other is a hybrid road bike (skinny tires, flat bars). I ride about 10 miles a day to get to and from work. I use my bike for just about everything, from running errands, to getting to friends' houses, from riding in Center City, to riding along the peaceful Wissahickon trail.

Blueberries are the perfect fruit. I used to work for a garden and nursery center and when our blueberry bushes came in, I'd keep watch until the fruit ripened. Sneaking a sweet snack was sometimes the only thing that kept me from going absolutely bat-shit in that job.

I have a thing for bees. Bee cross-stitch, bee buttons, bee colors, bee magnets, bees bumbling.

I can't drink beer. Actually, I can drink beer, I just can't drink it without risking sickness. If I want beer, I have to have special beer. But I never really developed a taste for beer preferring, instead, vodka.

I have admit, I do like boys. But, specifically, I like my boys--my husband and my cat.

My mom has a tin of buttons and I always felt like there was something magical to the buttons. I loved dipping my hand into a bunch of buttons and letting them cascade off my fingers. I loved sorting through them, separating by color or size or design. I loved imagining what the buttons were from or where to buttons might end up. I love the extra buttons that come with dress shirts and coats and I hoarde them.

Of all the things I miss since going gluten-free, I miss bread the most. Yeah, I can find a substiture loaf and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised that the sub-loaf isn't completely sub-par... But, mostly, gluten-free bread is nothing more than brittle cardboard. It's no good for sopping up soup, sauces, and the like. And, baking GF from scratch--well, there's reason my 18-slice loaf costs nearly $7--it's a pain in the ass to bake GF bread from scratch.

Not the movie... Growing up in South Jersey, I was never far from the beach: I had the Delaware on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. I spent many a summer day cooling in the water. Also, and perhaps more importantly, my husband proposed to me on the beach... in March... during the sunrise...

Took me long enough (#9), but here's the meat of my livelihood. I read a lot, I recommend a lot, and I have a lot of books. I majored in English for my undergraduate degree, so it's no surprise that I'm a fan of books. Recently, I've been contemplating going back for a second master's (my first is library science) in literature. But, the priority right now is to get through another year and someone else's graduation before I even pursue another degree.

Our bedroom is one of the next things we're going to work on: we've got to rewire the electrical and bring everything up to code, we've got to sheetrock a small portion of the wall (still left bare after we suffered a somewhat damaging leak along where our chimney meets the roof line, due largely to the collapse of our chimney liner which then allowed CO2 to seep into the wall cavity and cause some erosion to the bricks and the plaster and OH it was a mess...), and we're planning on revamping our existing closet space. My mom just did a closet makeover at her house and I'm truly impressed with the results. Oh, and all this work will mean we eventually have to repaint... And, with everything looking new and spiffy as far as the walls and closets go, I'll just have to consider new bedroom furniture. Because, really, you can only live the Ikea lifestyle for so long...

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